The strategic objective of 5GSafety is to deliver research and innovation towards a new generation of 5G-ready products and services tailored to the needs of the PPDR sector. The aim is to investigate and design new architectures and key enabling technologies to deliver an advanced telco-grade Dispatcher as a Service offered to PPDR professional and a new generation of user-centred applications for personal safety of citizens, and to investigate strategies for implementation of such applications in a virtualised and shared 5G environment with ensured safety, privacy and backward compatibility with current PPDR systems.


5GSafety is unique in bringing together a winning ecosystem of Slovenian 5G PPDR players to address realistic challenges and expectations and consequently secure the success and sustainability of the project. This includes consortium members that are leading players in research, innovation and technology provisioning in public safety, 5G, cyber security and other ICT sector areas, and a landscape of key Slovenian PPDR stakeholders from the Slovenian PPDR Initiative.


Below, the project partners summed up their thoughts on project co-operation in 2018 and their plans for 2019.


The project coordinator Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj: “Safety is a crucial component of life quality and prosperity in all areas. Prevention and efficient detection, response and recovery in case of accidents and emergency situations are of strategic importance for society and state.

Our key strategic objective is resilient dispatch solutions for 5G networks with the help of advanced technologies. We also coordinate the project and harmonize the technical content of all the partners into comprehensive use cases that will be presented in an appropriate environment. ”


The project partner University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering: “Technology must serve people, and not the other way around. Our focus in 5GSafety will thus be on improving and upgrading the experience of end users when interacting with the entire tech stack, from state-of-the-art communication functionalities to end-user apps. Together with partners we will develop new applications and services with great potential for helping people.”


The project partner Telekom Slovenije, d.d.: “By actively involving all stakeholders who are dealing with communications in the ecosystem (public) safety, we will develop new services and products and prepare ourselves to provide services that will represent technological progress on a global scale.”


The project partner OSI d.o.o.: “Information security is becoming more and more important. By actively participating in the project 5G Safety, together with our partners and other stakeholders, we plan to expand our current knowledge and expertise and to develop new services and product competitive on the global market.”